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Grocery Shopping

Zero Waste Event

Dear Vendors:

The Ulster County Legislature has demonstrated their commitment to environmental
In 2015 the County created Local Law No. 4 to Ban Polystyrene. November 2019
Local Law No 2 “Skip the Straw Act” was passed to eliminate the use of plastic straws and
BYOBAG Act” to ban the use of plastic bags in specific applications. And, on November 19,
2019 the Ulster County Legislature approved Resolution 451, the Ulster County Zero Waste
Community Resolution
. Continuing the County’s path to sustainability, on November 19, 2021
The Food Waste Prevention and Recovery Resolution No. 462 was approved.

Thank you for participating in the Hudson Valley Garlic Festival. We have established a goal of
diverting 85-90 percent of the waste generated at the festival from landfills and incinerators.

This will be accomplished by including disposable items with the food waste. We are providing
a list of disposable materials that have been carefully chosen to not only be compostable but are
also safe for the environment. Not all products labeled “compostable” are 100% degradable –
and in fact are a blend of compostable PLA (poly lactic acid) and regular recycled plastic. The
PLA is good, it’s a vegetable-based plastic resin made from corn. The “recycled material” is
petroleum-based plastics, not good. Many products labeled “compostable” are PLA coated with
a petroleum based recycled plastic.

BELOW is a list of acceptable compostable disposables. You are welcome to research for other
items, but please communicate with us if you want to substitute. We’ll work with you to quickly
determine if this is an acceptable item. Call us at 845-656-6071, or email at We have carefully chosen a list of products that are not only
compostable but are also safe for the environment.

Some guidelines for vendors at a ZERO WASTE festival:

  • Condiments cannot be single-serving packets. All ketchup, mustard, mayo, etc. must be dispensed in bulk. (suggest gallon pump bottles or similar)

  • Milk and creamers cannot be single-serving. Also, must be dispensed in bulk, or “community” milk cartons.

  • Paper sugar packets can be used. (Sugar, Splenda, Equal, etc.). They can go in with the food waste

  • No foil or plastic wrapped products are acceptable. 


By instituting these practices, we are able to achieve a clean sort:

  • Food waste and compostable disposables will be composted

  • Cans, plastic bottles, and glass will be recovered for recycling

  • Cardboard will be recovered for recycling

List of Approved Compostable Disposables

List of Approved Disposables
Notice to Vendors
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